About us


Is a company founded by the end of 2006, with the knowledge on how to do good installations and offer services on the ERP Number One for the medium and offer services on the ERP Number One for the medium and small company, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV (Navision) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are a company focused in you… our client. Most important for us is your satisfaction, obtaining it with efficiency, capacity and dedication.


Being a preferred technological solutions provider for our clients and we recognize ourselves as a team characterized by its excellence in customer service and our high performance.


Provide efficient technological solutions to your organization, allowing them to respond quickly to the needs of their clients and ensuring that their decisions are based on accurate and reliable information. Collaborate with the strategic management of companies to turn them into sources of corporate and social development of our markets.


– Integrity
– Teamwork
– Efficiency
– Creativity
– Customer Care


Years of experience








Year after year we made an effort in acquiring the last certifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other products, to be able to offer the best solutions available at every moment.

You, having the better knowledge of your business, plus Microsoft’s technology, first manufacturer of software of the world and DynaSoft, like experts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it gives us the possibility of offering what you’re looking for, RIGHT AND DEFINED implementations with the smaller SURPRISES on BUDGETS and quality of the Service.

19 years of experience

All our technicians count on more than 19 years of experience working with MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV and more than 60 implementations, some of them, in the areas:

– Distribution
– Manufacturing
– Retail
– Projects
– Services