Consider Migrating to the latest version

RapidStart Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 includes several enhancements for upgrading solutions.

RapidStart Upgrade -Code

New application merge utilities help partners upgrade their solution -application code and metadata -from one version to another, or from one cumulative update to another. We also introduce supporting tools for handling application object files in general, and for managing application languages and captions.

RapidStartUpgrade -Data

We have introduced a new way of running the data upgrade logic. The data upgrade was enhanced significantly to optimize the performance and provide developers with a superior tool for testing, automating, tracking progress, troubleshooting and running of the data upgrade code.
With schema synchronization on demand, the data upgrade becomes a much more controllable process. The development environment has been extended so that you can now choose how to sync each change in a table.
The data upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 allows you to catch all the errors, but also to resume after an error. At the same time you get a detailed overview of the progress of the data upgrade.

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