Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Powerful financial reporting tool which can help accountants and financial analysts to extract the most essential business data from the chart of accounts, budgets, cash flow accounts and cost types into financial reports, which can be used to efficiently monitor the health of the business and provide valuable input for the business decision makers. You get to choose the accounts you want to monitor and report on, change the order of the accounts, and combine figures in various ways, set up which columns to print, change the description of the accounts and supply them with additional notes.

In addition, you can make simple calculations on the data you selected on the accounts schedules worksheet, compare current figures with historical ones and with your budgets.

Basic General Ledger

This granule includes all the basic functionality necessary for setting up a company and posting to the general ledger, chart of accounts, general journals, VAT facilities, recurring journals, and source codes. Also includes:
Facilities for internal and external reporting.

  • RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Approval of sales and purchase documents.
  • Posting and reporting in your company’s base currency.
  • Posting and reporting in an additional currency with the addition of the Multiple Currencies granule.
  • Capability to export data from any form to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel® using style sheets.
  • Capability to link to external documents.
  • Two languages—U.S. English and one other.
  • Set up sales and purchase documents archiving.
  • Background posting

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